Exceptional UI/UX Art & Design for the games industry

We are a world-class development team with a proven track record of delivering AAA user experiences.

  • User interface art & design.
  • Graphic design & illustration.
  • Branding & iconography.
  • Specialists in usability & flow.
  • Experienced across all platforms.
  • Engaging & rewarding user experiences.
  • From initial wireframes to final polish.
  • A collaborative approach to development.
  • Delivering on-time & to budget.
  • A friendly & passionate team of UI experts.

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Featured Projects

Top Eleven 2015 / Nordeus

Top Eleven 2015

Nordeus asked us to completely redesign the UI of their leading football management game. We worked closely with their team through all phases of development, from initial wireframes to final assets.

Guitar Hero Live / Activision

Guitar Hero Live

We helped to develop a strong visual direction that would reimagine the Guitar Hero franchise for a new generation, creating an experience that felt more like a modern music TV channel than a videogame.

Fight Team Rivals / 3 Towers Games

Fight Team Rivals

Fight Team Rivals was built alongside our sister company Three Towers Games. We managed all aspects of design, art & audio to create and develop a completely new game from the ground up.

The Crew / Ubisoft

The Crew

We created a high-level UI style that could be adapted well across the varied in-game elements. We also provided a full brand style guide & accompanying asset package for use across all marketing materials.

NCAA 15 / EA Sports


EA wanted a brand new look for NCAA 15 that would fit in well with their overall sports suite. The final style targeted the sweet spot between college football history and modern high-energy sports advertising.

Forza Horizon / Playground Games

Forza Horizon

We led the development of a bold & authentic visual style to help establish this vibrant new franchise. Alongside art direction we also provided technical assistance to ensure everything was created to a high quality.

Our Clients

We are proud to work on fantastic projects with clients from all around the world. Our client list includes...

EA / Activision
Nordeus / Ivory Tower
Playground Games / FreeStyleGames
Sony / Playdemic
Major League Baseball / Ubisoft
The Behemoth / Unit 9
Splash Damage / Coolfish Games
Media Saints / Dry Ice
Three Towers Games / Guerrilla Cambridge

About Us

Founded in 2011 by industry veterans Philip Cox and Peter Santha, Clockwork Monkey Studios brings together a highly experienced team dedicated to creating distinctive and original UI. The core team have worked together for over a decade and have been responsible for delivering an impressive list of ground-breaking designs. Our goal is to always deliver exceptional results.

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